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Lucy Marder

Cultural Partnerships Officer, Hampshire Solent

An Art Historian originally, after qualifying in Art Gallery and Museum Studies, I worked overseas, initially as a graduate intern at a museum in the Middle East, funded by a postgraduate scholarship in Museology.

When I returned to the UK, I had the privilege of being on the development teams for two Museum of the Year award winning museums – the Jersey Museum and the Buckinghamshire County Museum. I was responsible for launching the art galleries at both also was involved in commissioning new work from artists, interpreting the collections and heritage themes, as well as youth and community arts projects linked to exhibition themes.

After completing an MBA at Lancaster University, I refocused on a career in organisational development. Organisational development (known as OD) is about expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people, structures, systems and processes to achieve more successful organisational change and performance. I joined the consultancy NTS Ltd in 1997 and in 2003 I established an Australian office for the company. I kept in touch with the museum world throughout my time as a consultant, and my assignments included training in marketing and market research for museums as well as a ten week leadership development programme for a regional Museums, Libraries and Archives Council. I also acted as a mentor in the Museums Associate CPD scheme and for Arts in Business.

In 2005 I was offered the opportunity to launch a pioneering local service centre, being developed by the Tasmanian Department of Education in a remote rural area. This was a very exciting collaborative project bringing everything from a magistrate’s court to a library to a training centre together under one roof. I had the opportunity to draw on my museum and gallery experience, using the visual arts to bring the centre to life and involve different communities in it, through a series of exhibitions and displays created by local people of many different backgrounds.

On returning to the UK held a variety of roles for Herefordshire Council, from supporting community groups to set up public access Internet facilities, to leading the council’s training team.

I joined the South East Museum Development Programme in 2013 as Museum Development Officer for Hampshire Solent and have worked as Cultural Partnerships Officer since 2015. My varied career has given me the opportunity to help organisations of all shapes and sizes to achieve their potential and contribute to their communities - large and small, public, private and voluntary! I really enjoy bringing my wide-ranging organisational development experience to support and advise heritage and cultural organisations in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton.

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