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Update 6 October 2016:

As mentioned in the recent newsletter, the Museum Development team in Hampshire Solent have new landline numbers. These are now in operation and our previous numbers are no longer in operation. Please update your contact list with our new landline numbers:

Lucy Marder, Cultural Partnerships Officer: 01962 678176

Jaane Rowehl, Museum Development Officer: 01962 678177

Mobile numbers and email addresses are unchanged.


The Hampshire Solent sub-region is made up of 11 Hampshire districts and the Unitary Authorities of Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight Council. There is an estimated 1.9 million people living in Hampshire Solent , served by over 300 heritage organisations ranging from museums to small parish history societies.

The Hampshire Solent area has a rich heritage of local, regional, national and international significance. There are approximately 110 museums and community heritage centres, of which 69 museums have been awarded Accreditation by Arts Council England. There are three national or nationally-styled museums and four outstanding designated collections of national and international significance, spanning the subjects of visual art, archaeology, maritime and transport.

The governance of the Hampshire Solent museums already in the Accreditation scheme (Accredited or Working Towards Accreditation) is distributed as follows:

54 Independent (Charitable Trusts or Charitable Incorporated Organisations)
14 Local Authority
6 Ministry of Defence
4 National Trust
3 English Heritage
1 National Museum

The Hampshire Solent collections comprise some of the richest, finest and most significant regional collections with particular strengths in prehistoric and roman archaeology; the Saxon kingdom of Wessex; maritime history from Tudor times into the present; the military story as the home of the British army, navy and air force; transport, technology and engineering; literature and the arts; trade, empire and Diaspora.

Museum Development in Hampshire Solent

The Museum Development team in Hampshire Solent is:

Lucy Marder, Cultural Partnerships Officer

Jaane Rowehl, Museum Development Officer

The team is hosted by the Hampshire Cultural Trust.

Museum Development in the sub-region is influenced by the Museum Development Advisory Panel and there are also four museum networks in Hampshire Solent supported by the programme:

Hampshire Military Museums Network
Isle of Wight Museums Forum
Learning, Access and Interpretation Network (LAINet)
South Region Conservation Network