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Materials from Introduction to Funding

Eight Fundraising Essentials

Presentation from Sarah Cope of The Cast Fundraising consultancy.

Download Sarah_Cope___Eight_fundraising_essentials.pdf...

The Life Cycle of a Grant

Presentation given by Laura Williams from the Royal Pavilion & Museums Foundation.

Download Laura_Williams___Life_Cycle_of_a_Grant.pdf...

Case Study 1: Kent & Sharpshooters Yeomanry Museum

Presentation given by Chris Sutton, Trustee of the KSY Museum.

Download KSYMT___Fundraising_as_a_Trustee_presentation_Oct_2015.pdf...

Case Study 2: East Grinstead Museum

Presentation given by Sarah Corn, Trustee of East Grinstead Museum.

Download EGRTM___Fundraising_as_a_Trustee_presentation_Oct_2015.pdf...

Case Study 3: Royal Engineers Museum & the Kent Wildlife Trust

Presentation from Michelle Boakes who currently works as a fundraiser for the Kent Wildlife Trust but was previous employed at the Royal Engineers Museum.

Download Michelle_Boakes___Fundraising_Presentation_Oct_2015.pdf...

Case Study 4: Hampshire Cultural Trust

Romilly Beard was unable to join us on the day to talk through the Hampshire Cultural Trust's project, 'Catalyst: Inspiring a Culture of Philanthropy', but you can still view her presentation below.

Download HCT___Inspiring_A_Culture_of_Philanthropy_presentation_Oct_2015.pdf...

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